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The ANS philiosophy is not only to assist an entrepreneur at a specific point in his or her business cycle but to empower them, by imparting skills, and putting in place systems and processes, that will assist them to grow their businesses and profitability on an on-going basis 


"Cash is King"
- Anon


This is largely true, as cashflow is the lifeblood of any business, however continued cashflow is dependent on profitability and many entrepreneurs have no idea

"how profitable they are"
or even
"if they are profitable".

It's only when problems arise 
"that they are at a loss as to why
or how this happened" 

To build and grow a sustainable business it is critical to,
"know your business and it's real performance". 



 "... Nothing is certain, but Death and Taxes."

- Benjamin Franklin

This was true then and even
more so now. 

However, ANS stongly believes, that every taxpayer has the right to
legally minimise their tax burden through proper personal and business tax planning 

"In fact, effective use of the Tax Framework, can give an
astute Entrepreneur a distinct competitive advantage." 


"Give a Man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a Man to fish and you'll feed him for Life".
- old Chinese proverb

This also holds true for consulting and advisory services.

Our ultimate objective is to develop and grow both entrepreneurs and the business' to grow profitably on a sustainable basis.

"with the right advice support and advice an Entrepreneur and their business can be transformed , enabling both to make a significant and sustained improvement in both Growth and Profit."